"Ride Into the Sun 2"
"Blooming III"
"Blooming IV"
"Le bois Navé 2"
"The edge of the wood 3"
"Le bois Navé 3"
"Ende Neu"
"The edge of the wood 2"
"Nature morte dans un jardin"
"Clouds over the garden 2"
"The curtain falls"
"Green resting place"
"Clouds over the garden"
"Beyond the stars"
"Well in the wood"
"The edge of the wood"
"Je t'aime, je t'aime"
"Close from the pond"
"Smoke on the pond"
"Bardo Pond: Ride into the sun"
"Bardo Pond: Ride into the sun"2.
Hut by the pond
"Trees into the pond"
"Beyond the pond"
"A bigger pond"
"Twilight on the pond"
"The pond"
"At twilight"
« The edge of the pond »
"A Bigger Garden 11"
"Blooming II"
"A Bigger Garden 13"
"A Bigger Garden 6"
"A Bigger Garden 8"
"A Bigger Garden 12"
"A Bigger Garden 9"
"Memories are moving transparencies
"Memories are moving transparencies
"Memories are moving transparencies
"A Bigger Garden"
"A Bigger Garden 2"
"A Bigger Garden 3"
"A Bigger Garden 4"
"Strandbad XIV" 19x24cm .
"Ashes" 100 x 100 cm
"Bela Lugosi's Dead II"
"Bela Lugosi's Dead I"
"Bela Lugosi's Dead III"
"Strandbad XII" 19x24cm
"Strandbad XIII" 19x24cm
"Strandbad XI" 19x24cm . Technique
"Strandbad XV" 19x24cm . Technique
"Strandbad X" 19x24cm .
"Strandbad XVI" 19x24cm
"Strandbad XVII" 19x24cm
Portrait of Blixa II
Portrait de "Hans Jean Arp"
Portrait de F.M. EINHEIT
"Portrait of Blixa"
"White shadows 2"
"White Ghosts"
"Transparency upon transparencies 2"
"Les jardins de Spandau" 19 x 24 cm
"Les jardins de Spandau II"
"With view"
"Portrait of a surprise guest"
"Transparency upon transparencies"
Les jardins de Spandau III
"Memories are moving transparencies.
"Black heart"
"Lehrter Stadtbahnhof"

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"White Ghosts"

"White Ghosts" 120 x 120 cm, Technique mixte 2015-2016. Collection privée